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Walking across the border has changed

Walking across the border from US to Mexico has changed

You must now park east of the I-5/I-805.   

The border crossing for pedestrians walking from the United States into Mexico has changed.  You must now park east of the I-5/I-805.  Before the change, people would park west of the I-5/I-805 and walk into Mexico.  But as of September 2012, people planning to walk into Mexico must now walk into Mexico by using the new walk way which is located east of the I-5/I-805.  So now you must take the Last USA Exit off the I-5/I-805, just as before the change, but you must know make a left at the first stop light (taking you across from the west side of I-5/I-805 to the east side of the I-5/I-805).  You will know you are at the right place when you see the Jack in the Box, McDonalds, and the San Diego Trolley Station.  There are several parking lots there.  Pick one and walk across the border.  On the Mexican side of the border take a yellow taxi cab and tell the driver to bring you to Washington Dental Clinic. 


Walking across the border from US to Mexico has changed

April 18, December 24 and 25, December 31, and January 1

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